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Laminate Floor​ing Fitter . com

Please see Below for full details and contact information:

Part of Complete Home Plumbing Tiling Flooring​          

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Hard wood / Laminate / Engineered Flooring / Vinyl Click water proof flooring for bathrooms, Kitchens etc

- Call 07843 525 479 or email me on 

[email protected]

Full fitting service just one call away, For a detailed quote for the fitting or supply and fitting of your Laminate Engineered, Vinyl Click or Hard Wood flooring.

I will discuss your needs with you to ensure your floor is fitted to the highest standards and guaranteed to last and look good for many years to come.

If you need advice before you buy or have problems with your flooring at present please call and I will assist you with choosing the right style or resolving any issues you have.

If you have other flooring or plumbing issues please see my other web site